Thursday, June 24, 2010

Caring Heart!

Significance of touching a life!
Reaching the needy and re-directing their path for a meaningful future is the duty of every civil minded citizen. Poverty is a social evil present in all societies. As the adage goes "the rich get richer and the poor get poorer." Education is one of the basic things which the poor lack, apart from money. Let us therefore join hands to ensure that education goes as far as it should go. By so doing, we save the lives of many.
1. Identify at least 2 needy people in your community and offer them free meal. That is how it should start! Give it a try and see the blessings you will receive. It may be a small and may be an insignificant gesture to you but believe me; those people you identify truly need it. Your contribution in this direction will forever be appreciated. Let us be bold and go out there to reach the needy.... It is possible!!!! Be bold!!! Have a caring heart!!! Offer a loaf of bread to a needy person!!!
2. Education is the key to poverty eradication in our communities. There is an old saying that "give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, and you feed him for life." This should be aptly used and understood by everyone. Let us encourage people around us to send their children to school. Let us not deny education to the poor but rather, teach them some methods to earn money. You can contribute by sponsoring at least one needy person to go to a vocational or technical school. If you have any information on how to acquire some educational scholarship, take it upon yourself to put in applications for people you think can benefit from such scholarship – do this for the love of reaching the needy in the society.
3. If you happen to be a Doctor, Nurse or medical personnel, please find time to spend with needy people in your community. This may develop from a simple hobby to touch the lives of many around you. If you are not a medical person but can afford to have at least 2 needy people registered for the National Health Insurance, please go ahead and show your love to such people because most of them cannot afford it.
4. What do you do with the clothes you no longer use? Oh yes! These can be offered to the needy people around you.


I am a concerned Ghanaian citizen who want to contribute to the community and thereby assist in the global quest for eradicating poverty in our societies. Through my advice and programs people have found a pathway to self-confidence, self belief, a sense of belongingness, creativity and possibility.

I welcome all who visit this blog to join in this noble mission. Sharing knowledge on this mission is the best one can offer to society.


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